News Data Service | What We Do
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What We Do

Metrics & Analytics

  • Custom strategic analysis reporting
  • Share of Voice Reporting
  • Up-to-date Nielsen and Nielsen Audio TV & radio audiences
  • Ad rates and calculated ad value equivalencies
  • Proprietary calculated PR value equivalencies
  • Charts and graphs

Executive Briefing Services

  • Customized news reports for your highest-level readers
  • Individually curated reports by our staff
  • Attractive, professional, to-the-point for busy executives

TV News Monitoring

  • All 210 local US markets
  • Over 75 national networks and cable stations
  • Spanish and other international cable channels
  • The full range of local TV & cable news stations in each market
  • Video links and metrics for all

Radio News Monitoring

  • Local stations nationwide
  • National radio networks and syndicators
  • All-news radio stations across the US
  • Morning entertainment programs coast-to-coast
  • Audio links and metrics

Internet and Social Media

  • Complete web news monitoring
  • Twitter tracking
  • Millions of blogs
  • Integrated Google news alerts
  • Page links and proprietary metrics

Digital & Traditional Print

  • Partnering with Lexis Nexis for full-text print
  • Traditional print clipping with full article text & images
  • Nationwide coverage with circulation metrics

Power Search

  • Our data at your fingertips
  • Broadcast news data back to 2002
  • Read and view at-will

Client Services

  • Just try us, you’ll immediately know the difference!

On-Air Audit TV Research

  • Break-by-break documentation of content
  • Statistical analyses of national and local ads & promos
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and special-order reports
  • Airchecks for visual confirmation
  • All US markets

(yes, we answer the phone!)