Immediate access to tens of thousands
of news sources 24/7.

TV News Monitoring

Television news influences extremely large audiences which is why NDS delivers the deepest-per-market and national broadcast coverage in the industry, with every market in TRUE HD.

Radio Monitoring

Tracking and understanding the influence radio has on audiences is now possible on a broad scale. See and hear how radio delivers your messages locally and nationwide.

Internet News & Social Media

Your audience is online getting up-to-the-minute news and discussing it on social media. NDS delivers that same information to you, from multiple platforms, as it happens.

Digital & Traditional Print

Print media is often the source of the broadcast and online news you see. We show you how the original message was delivered, with the turnaround and format that meet your needs.

Power Search

Whether you are looking for news that just aired or need to look for news as far back as 2002, the self-searching options of NDS’s Power Search put our Big Data at your fingertips.

Live Customer Service

We go beyond Artificial Intelligence and give you the real thing. Our live staff responds to your inquiries and requests quickly — and with a smile!

Specialized news monitoring services.

  • Over 15 years of Searchable Broadcast Data
  • Deep Media Contacts & Simplified Press Release Distribution
  • Easy-to-use Online Media Management Dashboard
  • Go-anywhere Mobile App
  • Edited HD Video

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